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Energy Visualizations I

2014, Video Installation

animated thermal photography video and sound video, dur. 01':00"

energy Visualizations I-Athina Kanellopoulou-000b
energy Visualizations I-Athina Kanellopoulou-still-01b
energy Visualizations I-Athina Kanellopoulou-093b
energy Visualizations I-Athina Kanellopoulou-304b
Energy Visualizations I

Energy Visualizations I deals with the issue of energy as motion and energy as heat, produced by the man who provides to the "still" urban environment. The artist following a favorite route in the first minutes of the New Year (2014) and captures the intensity and movement of natural and artificial entities that make up the city, with visual and audible way. Using modern means, a double video projection is produced. The correlation of the two recordings is carried out through translation of image into sound and vice versa respectively, commenting on the "energy-consuming" city against the "energy-giver" resident.

The left video was made by capturing thermal pictures of Athens with a thermal camera. The right video was created by transform the left video into sound.




Exhibitions/festivals (selection):

2016 Mesa Zontes, Technopaignion, Poems & Crimes- Gavriilides publications, Athens, Greece

          Mister Vorky International Film Festival, Ruma, Serbia

          APFF 6th Ammar Popular International Film Festival, Tehran, Iran

          Ekurhuleni International Film Festival – EIFF, South Africa, Africa

          TIF Video Challenge, Limassol, Cyprus

2015 Experimental Superstars International Film Festival, Novi-Sad, Serbia

2014 AKTO Gallery, Athens, Greece

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