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2014, Installation & Performative Narration

wood, laptop, notes, pens, digital alarm

W2 - athina kanellopoulou

The W2 is the visual effect of a quick-term (102h) contemporary art laboratory through relational experiments.Via performative repetition emphasizes the nature of education. Repetition creates the illusion of a coherent narrative and the image of the effector as a living-book.The verbal contact between the artist and the public/audience acts as narrative while studied the direction and operation of the public. The narrative is gradually changing, adding and removing small details that give another overview in the workshop and the project itself. The viewer leaves with a common and objective view of the installation, but with different/subjective knowledge about the turn of history without knowing this parameter.The narration is developed in groups of up to three people at a time, after 10 'break. The notes function supportive towards getting the story every time, while the computer is marked the narratives layout.


2014, TAA (Temporary Academy of Art), curator Elpida Karaba, TAA Gallery, Peristeri

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