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January 05, 2021

DEFINITIONS I: HOW TO BUILT A HOME Solo Exhibition curated by Chairi Empliouk at Folkloric & Historical Museum of Xanthi


As part of the Old Town Festival '22, FEX and the Xanthi Municipality Cultural Center presenting the solo exhibition of the artist Athina Kanellopoulou, entitled Definitions I: How to Built a Home, curated by the Theoretical & Art Historian Chairi Embliouk, at Folklore & Historical Museum of Xanthi and in the Hammam Yard.

The project is an art installation and video projection that will be presented in the Hammam Yard and on the external wall of the Folklore Museum of Xanthi throughout the duration of the festival.
The project concerns the preservation of linguistic elements and words, which could conceptually structure a house. The project refers to the determination of the perennial problem of immigration, setting as a criterion of prosperity or not the percentage of fulfillment of the mentioned concepts and aims at the archival recording of the migration of immigrants and refugees. Athina Kanellopoulou, utilizing the research archival material she began to collect in the context of the Athens Biennale 5to6: Omonoia where she presented the first part, creates an installation quoting audio-visual testimonies of immigrants and refugees and carrying out a participatory performance to gather new archival material.

Definitions I: How to Build a Home – Athina Kanellopoulou
Curator: Chairi Embliouk - Art Historian and Theoretician

Opening: 3 September 2022, 21:00-23:30
Duration: 3 - 10 September 2022, 20:00-23:30
FolklorIC & Historical Museum of Xanthi, Antika 7, Xanthi 67100
& Hammam Yard (behind the FolklorIC & Historical Museum)
Organization: FEX 
Support: Folkloric & Historical Museum of Xanthi, Municipality of Xanthi - Center of Culture, Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Curatorial Approach: 

Art is a flare, a moment, a way of interpreting a situation, evoking new conceptual approaches, broadening one's horizons, directing dimensions, of breaking free from the conventional way of life. Conventions shouldn't define our everyday lives· limits shouldn't exist, since time is elusive and the data can and often do change every moment, every day.

Athina Kanellopoulou in this occasion is first a human being and then the artist, approaching an ever-timely subject, since this is the way history unfolds over the centuries, always repeating, with its events respectively starring people of said era. In this particular project, Definitions I: How to build a home, she tells us of the utopia of human experiences in this day and age, where one witnesses a repetitive displacement and colonization of populations around the world, with a state of aphasia of our society as a whole occurring, which has fallen victim to the postimperialistic, capitalistic and financial war, with that in turn having afflicted mainly civilians and chasing them away. This in turn creates an inclination towards insecurity and collapse inside the community, concurrently however presenting new opportunities. What is left behind are the memories and the sentimental value of the moral and ceremonious situations experienced by the people, having been created over time and hard labour, with the time however having come to part, but never to forget. This is where Definitions I: How to build a home comes in, to suggest the artist's oeuvre, other than its aesthetic elements, as a platform able to salvage spoken words and to create an archive under the ideals of Arte Utile.

Thus, the values having been conquered for a whole life may no longer exist, but they will always reside in the back of our minds, that we all come from somewhere and nothing belongs to us.

Chairi Embliouk
Theoretician & Art Historian

For more information: and

June 01, 2020

Creating a Floating Island  at GOLEM - Generate in Solidarity


The durational performance Creating a Floating Island is part of the online performance exhibition "GOLEM - Generate in Solidarity" curated by Francesco Kiais, organized by Trojan DAO, and supported by Venice International Performance Art WeekPAS - Performance Art Studies and StudioContemporaneo.
Co-exhibiting artists:  Dimitris Alitheinos, Marilyn Arsem, Franko B, Francesca FiniFrancesca Leoni & Francesca Lolli, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Leda Papaconstantinou, Stelarc, Theodoros, VestAndPage, Antonis Antoniou- Yannis Adoniou & Andrius Mulokas, Lucia Bricco, Nicola Fornoni, Athina Kanellopoulou, Marta Lodola & Valerio Ambiveri, Andreas Papamichael, Yiannis Pappas, Pashias, Bill Psarras, Marcel Sparmann, Kangela Tromokratisch, Angeliki-Chaido Tsoli, Filippos Vesileiou, Kostas Voulgaris


A context of Creating a Floating Island by Kanellopoulou:

The human entity constantly creates new objects and structures for use, dedicated to replacing the older things, setting them obsolete. Earth functions as a huge landfill, based on capitalism and modern consumerism. Could the already existing structures and objects be occupied through a function or series of poetic acts, aiming to reclaim a new aesthetic? In the project Creating a floating island, Kanellopoulou is performing a Utopian intervention to a boat-wreck, left on the coast of Athenian Riviera. By importing soil and seeds to the deck and creating planting areas, Kanellopoulou creates a Utopian coastal micro-climate, seeking to reuse the floating wreck and relocate it from its primary and temporary situation; the artificial nature of such a boat is being changed and regenerated, turned into a vivid environmental floating structure, which will host entities of Plantae and Animalia. The new hosted species are going to be added over-water, in the body of the wreck, to its already existing ecosystem, that was created underwater during the period of its abandonment. Nature rules over the human creations, reclaiming an earthly reality for the specific space, after this poetic generative process.

Days/hours of online performance:
Opening: Friday 5/6/2020, 19.00

Duration: 5/6-7/6/2020


Day 01:

Day 02:

Day 03:

Press Release link and online exhibition:

September 15, 2019

διεπαφή: the On-Touch Project


The long-term project διεπαφή: the on-touch project is part of the exhibition "Soul Anatomies", curated by art historian and theoretician Aggeliki Mpara, held at Hart and Gart Gallery (Athens). 


<<How can memory be linked to "mental anatomies"? The "Soul Anatomies" are visually revealed through the "interface: the on-touch project", an interactive project involving modern humans. The project brings the viewer into a spiritual and at the same time physical state in which he invokes tangible memories. An important element of the 'interface' is participation, both spiritual and physical, as it brings together a collective archive that visualizes and transmits tangible memories into space.
In the makeshift workshop "Touch", one can share a tactile memory or experience and create his own work with his imprint. For this reason, the artist places in the aquariums where through the process of electrolysis of the spectrum of the spectator's fingerprint, internal processes of the brain are indicated. The copper plates are then hung in place, creating a timeless environment full of information. The artist, through recording, interacts with the viewer using the workshop as an interaction platform.
The participating viewer is in an unfamiliar and at the same time intimate space, as the artist through the dialogue transfers an extroversion mood to the workshop. At the same time, each testimony is anonymously recorded, categorized and stored in different formats, with the viewer having access to the recording material. This material is posted on a website and by scanning a QR Code or simply recording the address, one can refer to the material.>> 

Aggeliki Mpara - art historian/ theoretician

Days/hours of performance:
Friday 8/11, 20.00-21.30
Saturday 9/11, 20.00-21.30
Friday 15/11, 18.00-20.00
Saturday 16/11, 18.00-20.00
Saturday 23/11, 18.00-20.00
Sunday 24/11, 12.00-14.00
Saturday 30/11, 18.00-20.00

Hart & Gart
Address: Dinostratus 89-91 Ltd 11743

Athens, Greece

Curator Aggeliki Mpara 

Gallery Manager: Anniez Gallou

Press Release link:

October 3, 2018

Time ColLapse at Arte Museo Zapadores and UP Cumandá


My videoart Time ColLapse is part of the exhibition "Otros Paisajes // Other Landscapes", a curatorial project about international video art and video-performance, continuing been circulating in different exhibition spaces around the world, is taking place in the city of Madrid, in one of the most important spaces for art of the country, the Zapadores Art Museum. 

In parallel, the artworks will also be screened after 18.00 in the Urban Park Cumandá of Quito in Ecuador on November 7, 8 and 9. 

3-30 November 2018, 12.00-18.00

Arte Museo Zapadores

Antonio de Cabezón, 70
Madrid, Spain 28034


7, 8 and 9 November, starting at 18.00

Cumandá Parque Urbano (Urban Park Cumandá)

Av. 24 de Mayo
Quito, Ecuador EC170130

Curatorial concept and actions of Andrés Cuartas and La Tostadora - Artes Sonoro-Visuales team

Under the umbrella of Arte Museo Zapadores, Museo La Neomudéjar and La Multinacional Prácticas Artísticas.

Photo credits: Francisco Brives

May 23, 2017

Ma[r]king a Home

Solo and at ASFA BBQ


2017, performance / in-situ installation in the gardens of the ASFA.

In the framework of Ma[r]king a Home, the drawing of the plan in the field (garden of the ASFA) is carried out in a scale 1: 1 and then seeds, bulbs and roots are used to form the masonry of a home. Thus, the walls of this building are made of plants, performing a unique in-situ installation. Most of the plants, which used in the installation, are edible. Moreover, all the seeds were collected and archived by the artist. Through this utopian action, the re-placement of man into an uncanny matrix/dwelling is intended; this new matrix is structured by plants in the urban environment, in order to reconsider his view towards nature.

Performance Ma[r]king a Home is part of the ASFA BBQ festival and is participatory; the audience is invited to sow seeds with the artist in the garden of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

23/05/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 1: Cleaning and Drawing/Engraving
25/05/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 2: Drawing/Engraving, Digging and Seeding
29/05/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 3: Digging, Seeding and Watering
30/05/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 4: Installation Works
31/05/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 5: Installation and Watering Works
01/06/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 6: Installation Works
02/06/2017, 19.00-20.00 - Day 7: Speech /Presentation of performance / installation by the artist (Class of Night Nude Model) and Walk to the Installation
03/06/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 8: Works and Discussion in the Installation

04/06/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 9: finissage of the first circle

21/06/2017, 19.00-21.00 - Day 10: Watering and Solstice Gardening Gathering (participatory of audience)

Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)

Peiraios str. 265, Tauros, Athens

June 19, 2016

Looking Through

in APhF2016

at Benaki Museum

2016-lookingthrough-01-DRoystanis- 002 (

It is a good time for me to have a Looking through this mirror... ;-)
This is the end of few great days in Benaki Museum.
I would like to thank Dimosthenis Agrafiotis, Vago Tedosio and Ioannis Spiliopoulos for the brilliant curating of [Mis/Dis]Placed Performances.
Also, my good friends Katerina Apostolidou, Dimitris Roystanis and Manolis Kostouros for the strict documentation and the full photo/video-archive of Looking Through - Performance by Athina Kanellopoulou.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of the performers for the special moments and interactions (it was a great time to meet and have plenty time with old and new friends, under the umbrella of Dance Singularity), Athens Photo Festival and all the staff of Benaki Museum for the friendly environment.


Click the button below and you can find every detail of the amazing [Mis/Dis]Placed: Performances at Athens Photo Festival 2016.


January 05, 2021

INERTIA as part of ADRANEIA Art Project curated by theKrank at OKUPA


The durational performance Inertia is part of the online art exhibition "ADRANEIA" curated by the Krank, hosted by OKUPA Athens.


25 contemporary and diverse artists engaged in an “artistic dialogue” in 2,000 square meters building in the center of Athens to challenge the #Inertia. Sculptures, installations, murals, performances, compositions, created together with a special momentum, an atmosphere where art transformed a so-far inactive urban space into a place of life, during an unprecedented period, emphasizing that art stays alive under any circumstances.

Participating artists:  anastasia-eirini ntioudi, anastasia papaleonida, angelos akrida, athina kanelopoulou, blaqk (simek & greg papagrigoriou), don forty, eleni zervou, eliza krikoni, iakovos volkov, ioannis augoustis, jola 818, lydia dimitriadi, lydia miligkou, marilena kranioti, onebran, p1mp kardashian, panagiotis vasileiou, robert seikon, senor, tarta ross, the krank, timothy laskaratos, vassiliki koukou, yiannis pappas


A context of Inertia by Kanellopoulou:

“Call it not patience, Gaunt; it is despair:” William Shakespeare, Richard II (1595)

When is the right time to make a stop and listen to what is happening around us? How long could be the time gap between pause and action?

Human lives in a society that is bombarded with data and recruits; data of movement, intention, action, interaction, decision that concern him directly or indirectly. All these recruiters and data permeate the existence and perception of each member of society in-depth, making him/her/it feel small in front of their volume and speed of change. In this data chaos, human stands numb and incapable of action, often choosing to become a passive spectator of his/her/its life. He/she/it is inactive, in a constant postponement and cancellation of actions.

The performance Inertia studies this time, where this inertia reigns, this time that we have all experienced during our lives and wears us down, through a poetic and allegorical rendition of the concept of time and decay, putting the performer’s body in the foreground.

Days/hours of online performance:
Opening: W. 6/Jan/2021, 18.30



Performance trailer:

Online exhibition:

February 01, 2020

Curing Fragility at Performance ROOMS 2020

of Kappatos Gallery

2020 Athina Kanellopoulou Curing Fragili

The durational performance Curing Fragility is part of the exhibition "Performance ROOMS 2020", organized annually by Kappatos Gallery. This project is curated by art historian and theoretician Aggeliki Mpara, held at St. George Lycabettus Hotel (Athens). 


<<How much exposed is contemporary privacy? The project Curing Fragility puts us in a glass world, fragile as the atmospheric Glass Menagerie of Tennessee Williams in the light of modern times and technological developments. A private environment, such as that of a bedroom, becomes public and at the same time uncanny, as it is made of transparent materials. Athina Kanellopoulou, creates an allegorical world protected from the dangers, but highly exposed because of the transparency of the bubble wrap material; while, at the same time, asking questions, including the element of testimony.>> 

Aggeliki Mpara - art historian/ theoretician


Days/hours of performance:
Opening: Thursday 20/2, 19.00-22.00

Friday - Sunday 21-23/2, 19.00-22.00


St. George Lycabettus Hotel
Address: Dexamenis Square, Kleomenous 2, Kolonaki

Athens, Greece

Curator Aggeliki Mpara 

Press Release link:

February 19, 2019

IVAPA Project

at Art Gallery of LAVAL VIRTUAL Festival 2019


My concept and research IVAPA is officially selected of the exhibition "Art Gallery" of Laval VR & AR 2019 21st international Exhibition and Conference on VR/AR & Immersive Techniques, in one of the most significant festivals dedicated in virtual and augmented reality. 

IVAPA, the International Virtual Archive of Performance Art is an archive developed in Virtual Reality environment. Through this virtual archive, the users can  navigate themselves into performance art experiences. As I mention at the concept "The purpose of this archive is to preserve, showcase/demonstrate and help the audience to immerse to each performance of it and to have a relevant sensation as being in the accurate performance".

On the exhibition  the prototype will be demonstrated, which was realized with the collaboration of Nikos Mpelomatis. 

20-24 March 2019

Musée-école de la Perrine

Place de Hercé, 53000
Laval, France

Curator Judith Guez and Laval VR & AR team

July 5, 2017

Fabric; Housing

at Saint Marco Square and Palazzo Ca'Zanardi Venice


My performance Fabric; Housing is part of the exhibition "Consciousness", a curatorial project of It's Liquid Group, which is going to be realized at palazzo Ca'Zanardi in Venice.
Before the exhibition's opening, I am going to have a two day solo participatory performance at Saint Marco Square (Venice).


Solo performance
10-11 July 2017, 14.00-19.00

Saint Marco Square

Venice, Italy


Consciousness exhibition

13-28 July 2017, 17.00-20.30

Palazzo Ca'Zanardi

Venice, Italy

Curatorial concept and actions of Luca Curci and It's Liquid Group

Photo credits: Purple Carrot

September 01, 2016

The Omonoia Project

at Athens Biennale: 5to6 Omonoia

2016-09-The Omonoia project- Kanellopoul

The brand new video art The Omonoia Project is part of Athens Biennale: 5to6 Omonoia.

The artwork is on-going and it is going to be realized during the exhibition by adding parts in it. 

OMONOIA is the greek word for concord (or peace).

It is one of the main conditions for people to living happily and harmonious in a place. Sometimes situations as conflicts cause the annihilation of this term; so, the habitants of a place need to go elsewhere to find the conditions of that term.

This phenomenon compels the languages and civilizations to vanish. This Project is an attempt to preserve each language as a cultural platform and a focus in the condition of the global extinction of the “Omonoia” as a state/ situation.

Direction: Poka Yio

Curator: James Simbouras/ C.A.S.A.

I want to thank my photographers Dimitris Roystanis and Fili Oliefski, cinematographer Todo Andres and my assistant Manolis Kostouros.

Athens Bienalle: 5to6 Omonoia

Bageion Monument, Omonoia, Athens

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