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Usual Tales

2014-ongoing, Installation

Prints, 142pc A4 pages

Usual Tales
Usual Tales
Usual Tales
Usual Tales- Story No34
Usual Tales- Story No13

Usual tales is a project that has as a starting and focus point of the personal embarrassment and the need for isolation of the user of public transport in large cities.

Entering and using them with a new thought and a need of socialization and rapid communication, there is an effort to approach people, in order to share, anonymously, everything is needed to be externalized.

Through their stories and a completely anonymous record, a general framework is been formed, in which the concerns of the modern resident of Athens are being discovered.That context is given in the installation, through the material of interviews, without further comment.

Overall, the work refers to an endoscopic procedure and determination of the present urban identity, linked to the need of redefining social affairs in a more humanistic basis.


  • Semester College Art Exhibition, Department of Fine Arts, AKTO Gallery, Athens

  • TAA PROJECT, Temporary Academy of Arts, Peristeri

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