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Through the Water

2015, Installation

(fabric, tank, water, pump, video 1'.00" - in loop, color, no audio-)

Through the Water- Athina Kanellopoulou- DR- 026b
Through the Water
Through the Water- Athina Kanellopoulou-AK- 105b

The installation Through the water comments on the situation in which modern castaways have received, looking for a new and safe place, stopping in Greece of 2015. It consists of a video projection and an installation with water. Through their eyes, the project talks about the modern "Aeaea" where they were found. Furthermore, reference is pointed to the openness of the host system, difficulties in acceptance of their identity, for the effort and ways of assimilation and for the denaturing process of this phenomenon in the eyes of each viewer. Water is a key element of the human body, a symbol of life and death, of remembrance (Mnemosyne) and of forgetfulness.  Through a drop which creates a rippling and forms concentric circles that quench in a specific time. It refers to the eternal cycle of life and repeatability. 

Furthermore, through the mirroring of the video in the water-surface, an allegory is made for appeasement of pain mechanisms and reset of the memory and the particular identity.


  • Circe: the black cut, international art exhibition and festival, curator Anna Stereopoulou, Aeaea space, Athens

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