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The Omonoia Project

2016, Video 

1'.00", colored, audio

Definitions I-004
Definitions I-005
Definitions I-003
Definitions I-002
Definitions I-001

Definitions I focuses on the contemporary problem of immigration, legal or not, and the uprooting of the inhabitants of a region under certain conditions.Whether the meaning of a term, such as "home", is identified with the word in various languages ​​and that sounds from the mouth of a man who lacks? How is it possible to maintain the language of a country where the people that migrate and leave behind much of this tradition in an effort to adapt to new conditions?By recording people resettlement in Greece, their reflection illuminated for basic human goods and the need to maintain a unique identity.The video out the material of the recording, without further comment. People recount that lack, a privation that led them to search for a new home through a single word.Overall, the project relates to the identification of current social life to a humanistic base, setting a criterion of prosperity or not the percentage filling concepts.


  • AB5to6 Athens Biennale, Athens

  • Global Videos, 

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