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The Mask

2015, Animation 

01'.37", frame to frame, 2D, b/w, audio

the-mask-sample (034)

The Mask project focuses on a mental state, depression. The animation was chosen as a media to make a direct reference to childhood where the core of such mental manifestations lies more often. The Mask dives into an inner state where sadness dominates over a situation extroverted and happy, since the substantially depressed person actually feels the need to wear the mask- the fake face of bliss; this need is signified by the installed mask. Using symbols such as the mask, the stairs, the sharp scissors it explores the Freudian analyzes of the inner journey that is neither regional nor temporal but only psychological on an internal and imaginary space.  


  • International Short Film Festival of Drama, Drama

  • ANNY Animation Nights of New York, New York

  • AnimaSyros 8.0, Hellenic Panorama, Apollo Theater, Syros

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