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Personal Flight

2015, Installation

(model: wax, plastic tire, 2 video projections)

Personal Flight

Personal Flight negotiates the transition from a passive state (embryo/foetus) into a dynamic, energetic and spiritual situation. Indicated the need for a transformation to a more robust "me". Inherent references to the trip "hero"-viewer through Campbell's theories ("journey of the hero") and the Platonic allegory of the cave, citing data from the self-awareness journey of Odysseus and Alice. It is, essentially, a flight, a process that takes place over time and takes over the entire lifetime. The two video add meaning and enhance this visual journey of two attitudes in human life. First, the floor display is shown a video that it refers to the first phase in a matrix, an internal environment, while the second time is converted to the external environment (birth). In the second posture (vertical), the video describes the body shapes mentioning vapor/action as the longer formed man confers the environment.


  • Fine Art and New Media Show, Middlesex University, AKTO Gallery, Athens

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