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Looking Through

2016, Performance (long duration)

mirroring costume, mirror

The mirror is used by humans since the ancient times as a utilitarian and also a ceremonial object, while studies have been conducted around the relationship of man with the displayed figure. There are numerous beliefs and myths; such as the mirror is a parallel view to another world, the spatial mapping of the soul, a matrix etc. As Foucault says is a heterotopia (an Other place) with utopian elements.

Similarly, in the field of human relationships a mirroring is been created. We can detect in the Other person all the data and info that we already know; those which we have encountered in past interactions with people. Even more rapidly, we can identify elements of our character. Finding common ground with the other members of a society, we coincide or dislike, depending on characteristics which can be identified. And through this determination of the Other, the ego is built strongly. But without the relationships that connect and divide the “I’ from the “You”, could the human determine who he is? How would the new thesis be without the spatial and relational determination? Could some fixed points take a leading role in the development of personality? 

In the performance Looking through the viewer is invited to redefine the Ego through the dysmorphic depiction of his figure in another human figure (performer) who just wears a different mask, the mask of the Other. The visual movement of the ego in the Other and the image duplication create another and parallel one-ordination site, and another utopian self. The viewer towards the mirrored himself sees all that he is, is not or would be. The mirror here exists as purgatory, as the repository of thought and concerns, while giving the bare truth to the viewer; it is a different Cave (Plato’s Cave). Approaching the truth is more feasible because the viewer firstly realize it to the Other (Displacement).


  • Dismissed, APhF:16, Benaki Museum, Athens

  • Kodra Fresh, Thessaloniki

  • Contemporary Venice,  Its Liquid, Pallazo Flangini, Venice

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