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Fabric; Housing

2017, Installation and Participatory Performance (long duration)

(fabric, thread, needle, paper, pen)

Fabric; Housing

   In the project Fabric; Housing, the structure of the term Home is being detected. Starting with the title, the term Fabric carries more meanings than just the cloth; it is the material, the textile, the tissue, the structure, the framework, the frame, the form, the composition, the construction, the foundations, the warp, the woof. In the same time the term Housing lacks of those numerous meanings, and is translated as the act of habitation.
   But, a  house could be a small world, a space, a group of inner thoughts, a situation, a binary system of ins and outs, a person; the term is full of meaning and memories of the habitants. The structure of the house is bounding the public from the private.

   In the Performance Fabric; Housing, the performer asks the audience to describe the ideal feeling of being home and the situation of being out of the house with just one word, that one which cannot be in lack in an ideal Home, by writing it down in a piece of paper (or on the fabric).

   After that, she creates a primary form of home by sewing the words that the audience gave her to a transparent piece of fabric, which is going to redefine that bound through the transformation from an empty semi-transparent material into a semi-opaque wall of words.


  • Ma[r]king a Home: Participatory Field Works, Solo & Participatory Performance, Giardini della Biennale di Venezia, Venice

  • Consciousness ANIMA MUNDI International Art Festival,  ItsLiquid Group, Luca Curci, Residenza Ca' Zanardi, Venice

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